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Inna Vilkovskii- brand owner
     Inna Vilkovsky, the sole and the driving force of the brand "Inna Bridal Studio", holds ten years of experience in fashion design. 
Having finished her Fashion design degree in 1987  in one of the top universities in Kiev, that keeps it's status until the current time.
     In 1997 Inna became a business partner of a brides saloon  "INCO", partnership which lasted for 13 years.
Two years ago, Inna decided to start her own brand  "Inna Bridal Studio", which allows her to demonstrate the most splendid  collection of bridal dresses.
Each and every dress is made from the most elite materials and unique stitching method, developed by Inna her self, that allows her to combine shape-wear materials in to the dress, what gives the brides body a slimmer look.
     Inna helps the bride to find the most beautiful dress that will fit perfectly her body, which allows the bride to feel comfortable, beautiful and natural.
Inna's experience, knowledge & talent allows her to help every bride to pick her own special dress for her most special day.
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